Our team

Radoslav Neychev


MIPT, Harbour.Space.

Radoslav is Data Scientist with focus on Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning techniques. He has worked on a variety of research (CERN LHCb, MIPT Machine Intelligence Lab, CC RAS) and industrial projects (Yandex, RaiffeisenBank) in different domains vary from particle identification problem to fraudulent transactions detection.

Radoslav graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Machine Learning. Radoslav is reading lectures and organising practical classes at Russian top-tier universities, tech companies and summer schools.

Educational activities:

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Email: neychev@phystech.edu

Vladislav Goncharenko


MIPT, Skoltech.

Trains neural nets for VR games with BCI control. Previously worked on Computer Vision problems at MIPT.

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Email: vladislav.goncharenko@phystech.edu

Nikolay Karpachev



ML Developer at Yandex currently working on machine translation quality. Previously did research on multimodal neural architectures for computer vision.

Email: nikolay.karpachev@phystech.edu

Iurii Efimov


MIPT. Research Engineer at Samsung Research Russia.

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Email: yuri.efimov@phystech.edu

Anastasia Yanina


MIPT, YSDA. Research Scientist at Samsung AI Center Ex. Yandex.Search, also worked on self-driving cars at Lyft Level 5

Anastasia takes part in creating online and offline educational ML courses:

  • Coursera NLP specialisation
  • Stepik online course “Deep Learning in NLP”
  • Deep Learning in Applications Harbour.Space University, Barcelona
  • Online course “Dynamic Neural Networks in PyTorch” (Packt Publishing)

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Email: yanina@phystech.edu

Ivan Provilkov


MIPT, Yandex, STAI.

Ivan does research at Yandex with the main focuses on Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Uncertainty Estimation. Also he solves industrial machine learning problems at Steinbeis STAI and teaches at MIPT and YSDA. Previously he did research and industrial projects in machine translation, recommendation systems and physical particles detection.

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Email: provilkov.is@phystech.edu

Mikhail Pautov


MIPT, Skoltech.

Data Scientist at Skoltech; numerical analysis researcher. Previously worked at Huawei on problem of real-world adversarial attacks on face recognition systems.

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Email: mikepautov@gmail.com

Ex-teaching assistants:

Mokrov Nikita

MIPT, Skoltech. Researcher at Skoltech.

Ex. Data Scientist at Diginetica, worked with Recommender Systems and implement their for retail companies. Also Nikita takes part in education project of machine and deep learning (e.g. DL School)

Email: mokrov.ns@phystech.edu