Machine Learning course at MIPT

This course aims to introduce students to contemporary state of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is designed to take one year (two terms at MIPT) - approximately 2 * 15 lectures and seminars.

Video lectures:

Complete course materials: github repository

Current launches

As of Winter-Spring 2021 we have two tracks: basic and advanced.


We make announcements on lectures and seminars and are glad to answer your questions regarding theory or homework.

Also for each launch we provide two Telegram resourсes:

  • Alerts channel announcements of important events: schedule changing, deadlines, etc. read this channel regularly to stay tuned
  • Course chat answers to your questions, course topic discussions and so on We do advise you to join both of them, relevant links are available on level pages.


We ask you:

  • don’t flood: chat contains lots of people - respect their time and attention. This especially regards tutors because we try to carefully read and respond to every message.
  • don’t spoil homework solutions. Discuss common approaches or specific topics.
  • don’t use foul language (including stickers), don’t be rude. Respect each other, be constructive.
  • try not to write direct messages to tutors because you are numerous but we are not. If you want to call particular person or draw attention use @mention

Messages violating this rules will be deleted, infringers will be banned.